Gnawing Hunger

POETRY FORMAT, 10 Jun 2019

Preeti Tej Singh – TRANSCEND Media Service

it rises to a crescendo
and then
gradually dies down
after all, how long
will hunger gnaw
how long your
will your stomach growl
it has its limits
if it does not get
what it wants
it will quieten down
soon your exhaustion
will overpower you
and your tears
put you to sleep
as you huddle
your knees to your
caving belly
your raving mind
will travel
in your dreams
it will go back
to caring hands
it will dwell
in imagination
it will revel in peace

Preeti Tej Singh has written two books of poetry: “I” (Sterling Publishers, Delhi), and “Simantini: (Boundless)” from Minerva Press; republished by Writers Workshop, Kolkata, now available on Amazon. An anthology of her Hindustani poems was published by Delhi Poetree. She has worked in private, government and academic institutions, and currently resides in Bengaluru, India. Preeti is an “industry analyst by occupation and a writer by choice.”   She has freelanced for some of India’s leading English dailies, and writes poetry and prose in English and Hindustani. Preeti writes poetry “to purge my soul.”Website:

From her book Simantini: (Boundless)



This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 10 Jun 2019.

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