Are We before the Possible ‘Awakening’ of Mankind?


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Winged Lion

10 Apr 2020 – A door has been opened and it is worthy to work on a new impulse for the humanization of the world. If we can be silent in this isolation, perhaps we will advance towards the awakening of the human being, towards the arrival of the Winged Lion.

Today, the great fears that have accompanied human beings throughout their existence are becoming evident: fear of loneliness, old age, illness and death, fears that have largely moved our compensatory action in the world.

These fears have ceased to act in individual and collective co-presence and have become present due to the exceptional circumstances in which we live. A virus causes us to isolate ourselves physically and psychological loneliness increases in an attempt to avoid contagion and, as a consequence, illness and death. Why talk about the fear of old age when we see that the elderly are precisely the most vulnerable group in this planetary crisis that is just beginning. A loneliness increased by the wild individualism that has structured our relationships and that today is taking its toll.

In this forced isolation, some paths open up to us: that of despair and lack of faith in ourselves and in the future, that of tension, violence, meaninglessness, contradiction and madness (manifestations of which are already, in the form of greater poverty, psychological and social imbalance…), that of flight – as long as we can maintain it and allow ourselves to do so – in the form of occupying time with games, TV… or the possibility of reviewing from another perspective the present moment and the priorities that have brought us here.

Perhaps we can recognize that money, power and prestige – values that have moved this last stage of humanity – do not isolate us from a virus that has crept into our lives almost without us realizing it.

And perhaps in this being alone with ourselves, at some point we will ask ourselves about the world in which we live, what we do in this world, what happens after death… what is the meaning of everything that exists.

It may be that we have to go through as humanity a whole process, that we will go through living the psychosocial disaster that will remain when the health crisis passes – and that we start to observe -, to pass to feel a great failure, the failure to this culture that is leading us to destruction and death – not only of the body but also of the spirit… And it will be then, perhaps, when the possibility of certain type of transcendental experiences opens up, that only the external and internal silence allows to manifest.

It is possible that we are before the fall of a stage as humanity and in that fall we can see that landscape of formation (1) that has moved us in the last thousands of years. It is possible that in this solitude the individual and collective consciousness will observe themselves and dare to look at these fears.

We would then be faced with the possibility of emerging from an unchosen repetition of suffering, and of beginning to walk the enormous avenues of freedom, of liberation from pain and suffering.

For this we need – in this imposed and convulsed solitude – to stop, to accept this moment, not to oppose it and to search for the root of the social and personal problem we are living and which is the same for everyone. It is fundamental that in this adversity we go a little deeper into ourselves, calm down, pay attention and observe without guilt the way of life that has brought us to this point.

And then, if many of us put ourselves into it, it is possible that we will be able to observe the illusion of our fears and an individual and collective clamour will break through, a clamour in the form of a true request to retake the deepest meaning of our existence, to gain deep faith in ourselves and in the human process, to experience that death does not stop the future, to stop suffering… Then, perhaps, we can live all this and understand that we need and can rebuild the social fabric, the We, and joyfully give ourselves to humanizing this world “by treating others as we want to be treated (2) … A request that announces the arrival of the Winged Lion. (3)


1) Self-liberation. Landscape of Formation. (Epilogue). Luis A. Ammann

2) He refers to the universal principle, the basis of all humanism, which Silo specified in his book The Inner Look and included in Silo’s Message (2002) as “If you treat others as you want them to treat you, you free yourself”.

3) The day of the Winged Lion, Silo. (RTF format)


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