Said the Enchantress


Dr Usha Roopnarain - TRANSCEND Media Service

Don’t open the cupboard, she said to me.
There’s something I don’t want you to see.
Special potions and pills for him.
To unleash the nectar from the forbidden tree
Especially during this lockdown, I spent days in my satin dressing gown.
Trying to make him believe that he is a stallion, fierce and strong.
The wait is really too long.
He needs a lift, that’s all!
I’m no apothecary, but I have the magic blue formula in a pill.
I crush it to fine powder, his glass to fill.
It’s like a wedding gift, only with a special thrill.
He needs a lift, that’s all!
It doesn’t matter if I have an ovarian cyst.
So, he sips the potion as I insist.
This is no snare, no trap, its only passion I persist.
Its desire, this is my art, to kindle, to bewitch
There’s no poison, only his fantasy to enrich,
My honey, my dear having no lift is sometimes a gift
Like that cow who produces no milk
she is not spun in mulberry silk
yet the farmer doesn’t cry over no butter milk
he turns the udder cheek.
By the way he lacks toes!

Dr Usha Roopnarain – Former parliamentarian in the National Assembly of South Africa, social activist and passionate about human rights and gender equality.


This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 5 Jul 2021.

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