Peace Education for Good Governance and Nonviolence

EDUCATION, 18 Oct 2021

Surya Nath Prasad, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service

We may find the qualities of good governance during the rule of Lord Rama. Saint Tulsidas cited these qualities in verse 21-22 of Uttarkand of his popular book: Sri Ramcharitmanas as: Daihik Daivik Bhoutik Tapa, Ram Raj Nahi Kahuhi Byaapa. It means, there were no physical, mental and spiritual sufferings to anybody. All loved each other. No one died in early age of his life; all people were free from sorrow and pain, disease, poverty and ignorance. 

Though Rama was a King, Mahatma Gandhi wanted the governance in the state politics like rule of Rama. The crux of good governance is the right kind of education for the ruler; it makes no difference whether the ruler is one or many (rule of one person or many people), because rule by one educated person can give good governance to the people with peace and prosperity to all leading to nonviolence, but rule by many or by all but uneducated persons can provide bad governance to the people with all types of suffering and leading to violence.

Here I would like to explain about the right kind of education that is peace education. And this man-making education is missing everywhere. We have the education to make a few privileged  well-to-do the doctors, engineers, lawyers,  judges, bureaucrats, teachers, rulers and preachers and other professionals, but not to make them, the man (human), and there is no hope for those also, whose numbers are many, unprivileged  deprived of these educations to be man (human). Even existing peace education, being the policy of the United Nations, most of the nation-states including the government of India have adopted and introduced it in their educational institutions as a part of curriculum, is also not peace education in any way. It is like other professional courses.

It fails to make peaceful to the learners and the teachers both. It carries three defects, viz. it is based on pre-determined values, which are not theirs, but these belong to the great men of the past who sacrificed and some of them lost their lives for creations of these values,  and for realization of these values, teachers give the learners knowledge about these values of others to the students, which are disvalues for them, to make the attitude of the learners firm towards these pre-determined values of others, and to skill them towards these values to practice, its methodology is teaching, pedagogy, that is means for indoctrination and regimentation from outside, while the every person as learner has treasure of values within to be unfolded, however,   its access is for a few because learners are charged high fees to learn so called peace or to buy peace.

Hence peace education, developed by the author of this message, based on universally inherent five elements, viz. body, vitality, mind, intellect and spirit ( which are more powerful as seeds, and each element requires a particular food to grow or to be unfolded), in every man and woman everywhere without any discrimination and their integral manifestation throughout his or her life can only prepare the learners or to enable them to be  man (human) leading to for practice of good governance and nonviolence, this author has developed the  ‘science of learning’ as methodology of  his peace education, considering no body teaches anybody, but we all learn from each other for unfolding treasure of knowledge within each of us. And everyone without discrimination of any type must have opportunity and facilities to have this  peace education of the author for life-long till the end of his or her life, not only for certain period of a few years like other educations for getting degrees, diplomas and certificates.

Peace education of the author of this message can be the best means for remedy for the devil, whose numbers are less, but they are very powerful privileged persons in every society, who are the products of existing mis-education (but minus man-making education) as rulers (law-makers), bureaucrats and judges, and they, with a very few exceptions, are the hidden terrorists, overt terrorists are the products of their mis-rule, unlawful acts and wrong decisions, and the common masses are their slaves, and they are the victims at the hands of both hidden and overt types of terrorists. However, his peace education has power to make every learner human and divine without any discrimination, and the generation to come everywhere will be benefitted with this peace education of the author of this message. Let us try for the best.

This message about peace education for good governance and nonviolence at the time of the suffering for us – the all people of the whole world due to bad governance and violence is more relevant. And I hope and wish the highly enlightened participants will resolve useful and practical recommendations after three days thoughtful deliberations to be sent to the United Nations, the governments of the nation-states and relevant major NGOs for their consideration to implement them in their educational institutions with full hope for giving relief to the present generation from the suffering of bad governance and violence, and for giving enjoyment to the generation to come with the fruits of good governance and nonviolence.


Dr. Surya Nath Prasad, former president & currently executive vice president of International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP), associate professor of education emeritus, former visiting professor, the graduate institute of peace studies, Kyung Hee University, Republic of Korea, founder & editor-in-chief, Peace Education: An International Journal.

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