World Peace and Future Education

EDUCATION, 6 Dec 2021

Dr. Surya Nath Prasad – TRANSCEND Media Service

Guest Speech delivered to the International Seminar at Sarswati Vidya Mandir, Bhagalpur (Bihar) organized by Bhartiya Shiksha Shodh Sansthan (Lucknow) in collaboration with Bhagalpur University from 5 to 7 November, 2011.

“The whole world is in the grip of violence. We all are exploiting, fighting and killing each other, because minus man (human), we are people of different faiths, nations, relations, races, castes and professions. Hence there is urgent need to set right the man or individual in all of them to be just and nonviolent for sustainable peace in every part of the world.” Making the points more clear, further he said, “It is foolish to talk world peace without attaining peace at individual level. I mean if we can set right the man or individual, we can set right the whole world. And it is easy to set right the man or individual rather than to set right the world. And there is possibility, if man or individual is set right, the world will be automatically set right, because every man or woman is global.” And for justification of his statement, he quoted saying, “According to Chhandogya Upanishad, man will be able to declare, ‘I, indeed, am the whole world’.”

“True education is the only way to make man or woman to be just and peaceful.” And he cited the ideas written in Hittoupadesha telling us, “Centuries ago, Hitoupadesha preached us providing the better definition of education as: ‘Education makes man and woman self-discipline, self-discipline develops abilities in them, abilities bring wealth, wealth (earned through self-discipline and abilities) leads them to altruism (to do social service), which gives them happiness that is peace itself’.”

Hence Dr. Prasad proposed universal peace education, which he himself developed as future education for world peace, and he told, “The future education will be man-making universal peace education. In the past it was not in practice anywhere in the world. Hence there were violence, killings, and wars including world wars, genocides, ethnic cleansing, poverty, exploitation and oppression. In the modern times also, the universal peace education is neglected everywhere hence there is massive injustice in every part of the world, which has led to global terrorism including exploitation, oppression, poverty, disease and ignorance.”

“We shall have to implement universal peace education everywhere in schools, colleges, universities and out-of-campus education for all leaving none, which will continue to be practiced by everyone even after schooling till the end of life to give birth to justice for giving birth to peace.” Further he clarified, “And this universal peace education would be in two-fold: one for existing generation, and other for coming generation.

For category one, some are crippled physically, some vitally, some mentally, some intellectually and some spiritual, and many are crippled in all parts of their body. Hence they need compensatory man-making universal peace education for all the five bodies within to recover health. Man-making universal peace education based on five elements will be for coming generation also because their five elements are un-crippled, uncorrupt, raw, pure and very prone to be unfolded integrally to be just leading to peace.

Only man-making universal peace education based on five elements in every man and woman universally everywhere can give birth to justice. Then justice will enable to give birth to peace. But justice – the mother of peace is yet to be born till the universal peace education based on five elements implemented and practiced everywhere.”

Dr. Prasad summarized his speech saying, “Man-making universal peace education will be based on universally inherent five elements, viz. body, vitality, mind, intellect and spirit in every man and woman without any discrimination of caste, creed, color, race, nation or any differences. Perpetual life-long integral manifestation of these five elements in every man and woman is peace leading to world peace, and denial of their integral manifestation or even partial manifestation of these elements is violence leading to violence in the whole world.”


Dr. Surya Nath Prasad, former president & currently executive vice president of International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP), associate professor of education emeritus, former visiting professor, the graduate institute of peace studies, Kyung Hee University, Republic of Korea, founder & editor-in-chief, Peace Education: An International Journal.


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