The Lotus Flower

POETRY FORMAT, 14 Feb 2022

Dr Usha Roopnarain – TRANSCEND Media Service

Through dirty mud, the lotus flower emerges
Tied to spirituality, the sacred lotus flower
exudes divinity, is a symbol of beauty and spirituality.
In the murky mud and mire,
The mud of adversity
Like a deep dark secret, she unfolds in uncertainty.
The lotus breaks forth.
Each petal perfectly formed
Despite growing in a polluted pond.
The lotus bears a strong bond.

In dark and despairing times, the lotus grows
To become so pure, despite having tangled shoots.
Underneath her roots
There is pain, there is agony, there is gloom.
Become like the lotus.
Which still manages to bloom.

Let light sprout amidst the pain and the darkness.
Overcome the negativity, the pain, the imperfection.
The lotus floats yet does not sink.
Give this time to think.
Don’t despise the pain, the conflict and hurt.
Remember the lotus in full bloom.
Used as God`s own seat.
For His divine feet.


Dr Usha Roopnarain – Former parliamentarian in the National Assembly of South Africa, social activist and passionate about human rights and gender equality.

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This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 14 Feb 2022.

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