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MILITARISM, 8 Aug 2022

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Send in the Marines? Reconsider Force Design 2030 beforehand By Col. Gary “GI” Wilson (ret.), Lt. Col. William A. Woods (ret.) and Col. Michael D. Wyly (ret.)

Force Design 2030 is a flawed operational concept in that it is narrowly focuses on fighting a specific type of engagement in a specific region, but more importantly in that it changes the very reason the Marine Corps has existed for over 246 years. Read More


Why isn’t Russia doing more to jam GPS in Ukraine? By Dana Goward

Russian interference with GPS in Ukraine has not been nearly as aggressive as many observers had expected. Read More


The hypersonic race: A case for guarded optimism By Douglas A. Birkey

All of these challenges are surmountable, but success demands careful consideration and smart execution. We cannot assume it will just happen. This hypersonic journey has been far from easy, but the threat environment demands we stay the course. Read More


As missile threats grow, don’t give up on boost-phase defense By Ian Williams and Masao Dahlgren

With North Korea and Iran introducing more capable and maneuverable missile systems, the United States should reexamine boost-phase intercept options for improving U.S. homeland missile defense. Read More


As Pelosi visits Taiwan, don’t miss the action in Congress By Rear Adm. Mark Montgomery (ret.) and Bradley Bowman

Those interested in supporting the free people of Taiwan and pushing back on increasingly aggressive behavior from Beijing should not miss an important legislative development unfolding on Capitol Hill. Read More


Finland and Sweden in NATO are strategic assets, not liabilities By Bradley Bowman, Ryan Brobst, Jack Sullivan and John Hardie

The two Nordic countries will bring two relatively small but advanced militaries into NATO, adding significant military capabilities and augmenting the alliance’s ability to deter additional Russian aggression. Read More


Senate must back creation of ‘Space National Guard’ to end a needless division By Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Marco Rubio

A brain drain in the space arena will have detrimental effects on our national security and our states’ readiness, and creating a Space National Guard is the best, most cost-efficient way to prevent that from happening. Read More


Amid hiring boom, defense firms say labor shortage is dragging them down

Labor shortfalls rooted in the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic remain a millstone around the neck of the defense industry, forcing firms to juggle staff, hold job fairs and find workarounds to keep operations running as smoothly as possible. Read More


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