How Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan Has Enabled China to Redefine the Rules of the Game

BRICS, 22 Aug 2022

Míng Jīnwéi (明金维) | ScheerPost - TRANSCEND Media Service

15 Aug 2022 – Editor’s Note: This article was distributed by a Chinese government accepted source, but we believe it is worthy of a wider audience because it provides documentation of important ongoing dialogue within top circles in China unavailable elsewhere.

Nancy Pelosi meeting with the Vice President of the Legislative Yuan Tsai Chi-chang in Taipei. Office of U.S. House Speaker, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

1) Many of my friends were disappointed when Pelosi arrived in Taiwan. I also originally expected that the PLA Navy and Air Force might directly deter Pelosi so that her plane would not dare or could not land. I believe the PLA Navy and Air Force definitely have the strength to do so as well. But this move is extremely risky, as planes are in the air, often in the nick of time, and a few seconds determine life or death. Once Pelosi is really shot down, that is the risk of a direct military conflict between China and the United States. In the end, what we want is the reunification of our country, not war with the United States. Of course, if the U.S. ends up using force to stop China’s reunification, it will be a war against aggression and interference in its internal affairs for China, and the division will be well known, and China will have the determination and strength to complete the task.

2) Letting Pelosi’s plane land in Taiwan also shows that the focus of this round of struggle is not to stop Pelosi’s visit at all costs, but how to fight for a more favorable situation in the struggle against Taiwan and the United States after Pelosi’s visit. Just like Japan’s nationalization of the Diaoyu Islands in 2012, the focus of our struggle is not to prevent Japan from nationalizing the islands at all costs, but how to defend the islands after Japan’s nationalization. After Japan’s nationalization, how can we go further in defending the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands? Now, ten years have passed and Chinese maritime police vessels are routinely patrolling the Diaoyu Islands and entering and leaving the 12-nautical-mile territorial waters. It should be said that Japan’s “nationalization” was originally a provocative move, but in the end it led to a more effective defense of China’s sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands.

(3) I myself feel that the current situation is somewhat similar to the shelling of Kinmen in 1958, when “only Chiang’s ships were hit, not American ships”, which is a struggle strategy.

(4) From the moment Pelosi set foot on Chinese soil in Taiwan Province, the so-called “center line of the strait” has completely ceased to exist. The location of the next military exercise has fully illustrated this issue. We can ask ourselves if it would be a good thing if, after Pelosi’s visit, PLA ships and aircraft could routinely train east of the so-called “center line” and closer to Taiwan to the east of Taiwan. Although China does not recognize the “center line of the strait”, it has been relatively restrained over the years and generally does not cross the line for training. In the face of U.S.-Taiwan collusion, China is indeed taking another step forward by breaking the tacit agreement and restraint regarding the “center line of the strait”.

5) Breaking the so-called “strait center line” may be just a step for China to counter and punish Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, and we can look forward to the next actions.

(6) Maybe at this moment some friends feel that “it’s not too much” “it’s not enjoyable” “it’s not painful” and the US imperialists and the boring politicians in Taiwan province can pop up again for a while. However, it is often said that “the higher you jump, the heavier you fall”. The example of Hong Kong has shown that it’s not the time to be unrewarded, but when the time comes, all the jumpers will fall without fail.

(7) On the Taiwan issue, the strategic interests of China and the United States are not in the same order of magnitude, which determines the strategic determination and strategic resources that China and the United States can devote to this issue. Therefore, if anyone is a “paper tiger,” it must be the United States.

8) Although I would also like to see the U.S. imperialists and the boring, vicious politicians in Taiwan Province severely punished today, and would like to wake up and witness history, from a rational point of view, it is better to choose the way and point in time that is relatively least costly and expensive for the Chinese nation to solve the Taiwan issue once and for all. In this process, sometimes it is inevitable to feel some stifling, just as in the 2019 Hong Kong incident when the black violence forces were at their most rampant, but hindsight proves that the introduction of the Hong Kong District National Security Law was clearly a more brilliant choice than the direct use of the military and armed police at that time, and a more effective and least costly choice. The struggle situation is the most complex, the most severe time, is often the most test of strategic wisdom, strategic patience and strategic determination. At any time, we are fighting for the fundamental interests of the country and the nation and long-term interests, not fighting for the will.

(9) If some people feel aggrieved because they are looking forward to the reunification of the country and worried about how to combat the “Taiwan independence” elements, it is human nature. I don’t have any inside information, and sometimes I am inevitably swayed by emotions, so sometimes I feel similarly. But no matter what, we all hope for the good of our country, and we all hope for the early realization of national rejuvenation. At the same time, there are some people who, when they see Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, not only do not condemn the provocative American politicians, but also wait to see the so-called “joke” of China, and on some occasions sneer and sneer, which is not a common sense. No true patriot would wait to see the “jokes” of his country. What’s more, these “country-haters” have limited information, and the so-called “joke” in their eyes is just a fragment or an aspect of the development process. At the end of the day, China is getting better and better, and China has done what it said it would do in solving the Taiwan issue once and for all, and the real “joke” is precisely these people themselves.

(10) The Taiwan issue will eventually be resolved, and we must have both confidence and patience. Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is destined to help China establish several milestones in the process of completing national reunification. From this point of view, when the country is reunified, we should not forget to thank “Comrade Pelosi”. Although she is more than 80 years old today, I guess she should still be around when the time comes.

P.S. The fact that some people felt some disappointment after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan may also be related to expectations. How to manage and guide the public’s reasonable expectations in similar major struggles in the future may also be an issue to be considered.

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