Stop the Arms Supplies! It Destroys Ukraine!

MILITARISM, 30 Jan 2023

Bjørn Eidsvig - TRANSCEND Media Service

25 Jan 2023 – This is terrible! We behave cruelly. We take part in the destruction of Ukraine and the killing of its people. We destroy the world climate, create hatred between nations, endanger existence of civilization; just to keep control of some very reluctant provinces in Eastern Ukraine!

Come to your senses! Say no to further arms supply causing even more terrible war destroying the country!

Yes, we can wholeheartedly agree: Putin started this war. It was inhumane and completely barbaric. He should never have done that! War is always senseless and terrible. War only worsens the situation, no matter what.

But why on earth did he do that?

In 2014, after the uprising on Maidan Square, Ukraine’s affiliation had been changed from east to west to great satisfaction of the majority of the country’s population. Putin accepted it, despite the country’s strong ties to Russia, and although he probably felt considerable anxiety about what it might lead to.

In the Donetsk area in the east, however, the situation was different. There, the majority would retain their connection to Russia. It is perhaps not strange since most of them are of Russian origin, speak Russian and have close contacts in Russia? When Poroshenko was elected president, he promised a referendum in the eastern regions about liberation and independent democracy. By all accounts, exemption would have led to independence for these areas with peaceful cooperation, primarily with Russia but probably also with Ukraine and the West

Why wouldn’t the US join in? Why did they have to send their foreign minister John Kerry to request for waiving of the plans? The USA’s wish to deny freedom was accepted by Poroshenko, the referendum was denied and the misery began!
The denial of freedom for the Eastern Regions was not a good solution! Hence, the civil war started!

The civil war had lasted 8 years. 14,000 had been killed. This was too much for Putin, who had previously promised to keep his protective hand over them. He also listened to NATO’s statements about the incorporation of Ukraine into NATO. He felt that all his wishes for the limitation of the threat picture against Russia were neglected. (It is extremely important to understand what he is thinking, even if it does not entirely match NATO’s goals, which are probably defensive. Equally, we must understand that Putin’s goals are probably just as defensive! Russia has nothing to gain from defeating any country in Europe)

Putin, who had promised to keep his protective hand over them, was horrified and embittered, and gave them moral support during the civil war. Finally, after much fruitless discussions, pleas and exhortations to the deaf ears of NATO, to at least keep Ukraine free from NATO expansion, Putin started his offensive!

Should Ukraine nevertheless “win” this war, it is obvious that it will cost far greater destruction of the country than we have seen so far, more killing, an increased risk of escalation in all ways, and paradoxically, the problem situation will not be solved: the Eastern Provinces dissatisfaction will be at least as great as before! Perhaps we can then risk the civil war starting again?

Will it not soon become possible for us to see that we are greatly to blame for Putin’s aggression and that the best solution will still be for Eastern Ukraine to establish an independent democracy? Peace and cooperation among all nations can be restored and the world can prosper!

Putin has constantly emphasized his two goals for the war: Independent democracy in the Eastern Provinces and a Ukraine without NATO membership! Had Zelenskiy accepted this, which he was offered a few days after the outbreak of war, the continuation could have been avoided!

Yes, we have heard horror statements from NATO that conceding to Putin’s wishes could lead to increased appetite for him to conquer more of Europe. But this is probably the most stupid and dangerous statement we have heard in modern times!: When Russia has now suffered so much, burned herself so extensively in this war, experienced so much misery, resistance, aggression and rattling of weapons; if you was in his place, wouldn’t you also have learned that war is not at all the way to win the world and the hearts of the people? If, on the other hand Ukraine “wins” the war, Putin will of course be left extremely bitter, full of hatred and the chances of cruel revenge will be much greater!

I have a request for you: Stop the arms deliveries! Rather, seek to make both Putin, Zelenskiy and NATO understand that war and threats cannot solve any problems, they only make them worse. Get them all to stop the hostilities and the destruction, sit down calmly and discuss the matter and find good cooperative solutions, so that Eastern Ukraine can be satisfied, Putin can lose his worries and the West can stop its fear-mongering and its mindless weapons involvement, and instead focus on constructive work to solve the world’s problems!

I urge you all: See that we are also to blame for the conflict, stop the arms deliveries and start rebuilding trust, cooperation, peace, security and prosperity in the world!



Bjørn Eidsvig is a former UN Chief Adviser from Norway

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