No Solution in Sight for Palestinians


Mohammad Amjad Hossain – TRANSCEND Media Service

3 Mar 2023 – The leaders of the world as of now have shown little interest in resolving conflict between Jews of Israel and Palestinians since the Second World War when the United Kingdom and France won the war. It appears that conflict between Israel and Palestinian seems to be the longest and largest conflict in the world today. We recalled that the establishment of the United Nations  is to establish peaceful resolution of the conflict in the world. As of now the United Nations did not succeed to resolve conflict between Israel and Palestinian. The Resolution 181 passed by the United Nations general assembly in 1947 which has called for the partition of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states with the city of Jerusalem as a corpus separatum (separate entity) to be governed by a special international agent.

Since 1947 the UN has not succeeded to resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine. It is suggested that the security council of the United Nations should be abolished which in fact has not resolved the problem but rather continues the problem in the world as of now. Decision of any conflict in the world should be taken by the majority leaders of the world not by the only Security council. Since the security council could not succeed to resolve any problem of the world.

It is equally surprising what International law acts in case of violation of religious and cultural sites as of now no national  sovereign government has ever been held to account since Israel has violated religious sites of  the Muslims in Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. The Rome statute adopted by the United Nations at diplomatic conference of plenipotentiary the establishment of an international criminal court on 17 July in1998 and enforced on 1st July of 2002. The International Criminal Court (ICC) at Hague declared that anyone intentionally attacking buildings dedicated to religious, educational,  art, science or charity will be declared as war while both Israel and Palestinian signed the statue but Israel backed out the treaty to follow the footprint of the United States of America headed by former President George Bush.

The situation in Israel is back to square one since the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now back to rule the country. This is the sixth term Prime Minister of Israel. It seems that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be the cautious leader on diplomatic and security matters. It is hardly possible to make significant concessions to Palestine to advance the peace process although he is facing a case in connection with corruption. It is hardly possible to advance progress in the case of Palestinian.

It seems that Netanyahu is planning to expand its territory to the West Bank, apart from he plans to organize to settle settlers in the West Bank while  US foreign secretary Anthony J. Blinken  is reported to have said that America would oppose the settlement but  stopped short of commenting on Netanyahu’s far-right cabinet. It seems the US is reluctant to take a hard line against Israel.US foreign secretary himself is Jewish.  Jordan by now hosted urgent meeting with top Israel security officials and Palestine security officials, apart from political officers of Israel and USA on 25 February this year since Israeli security forces carried out raid in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus that killed as many as eleven Palestinian which has become the highest since second intifada.

The meeting was attended by chief of security representatives of Israel and Palestinian and agreed” to work toward a just and lasting peace and affirmed the need to commit to de-escalation on the ground”. Israeli Prime Minister’s national security adviser as well as chief of the Shinbet domestic security agency attended the talks apart from advisors to President Mahmoud Abbas, while delegations from Jordan and Egypt and the United States participated. Meanwhile, King Abdullah of Jordan had a meeting with the President of US Joseph Biden in the US capital and had talks with the Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu in Amman in January 2023.

It is ironic to note that the Prime Minister of Israel is surrounded by hardliners like Finance Minister Bezleel Smotrich who reportedly said there will not be a freeze on the construction in the West Bank for settlers which means the situation becomes harsh for Palestinian in the West Bank in particular. It is ironic to note that President Joseph Biden has given deaf ears in spite of an appeal by more than 500 former staffers of the President, apart from seventy members of the House of Representatives belonging to the Democratic Party on 24 July in 2021 to reverse the policy of former President Trump era with regard to Israel. The situation in Israel is probably by design to destroy the aspirations of Palestinians now.


Mohammad Amjad Hossain is a retired diplomat from Bangladesh and former President of Nova Toastmaster International Club of America. He lives in Virginia, USA.

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