U.S.-Israel’s War on Gaza a Prelude to Conquest of the Arab World


Mahboob A. Khawaja – TRANSCEND Media Service

Looking Beyond the Lens of Reason and Political Expediency

U.S. military support to Israel’s hegemonic plans to dominate the Arab world is fast assuming the ethos of facts not fiction. PM Netanyahu wanted to flatten Gaza that his Defense Minister Gallant called them “human animals”, and another War Cabinet Extremist Minster wanted to nuke Gaza and it is obliterated by continuous bombing and destruction for over 84 days. The unabated bombing and sadistic killings offer statistic of 21,672 people killed, some 8,800 children and 5,670 women crushed and according to the media some 8,000 children buried under rubble for the record human casualties.

The insanity crushing soul of human morality, Israeli forces have bulldozed even the Shabaan cemetery with freshly buried human corpses; bulldozed the maternity ward of AlNasser hospital and detained 250 medical doctors and staff of Al-Shifa hospital and 40 women-kids cold blooded massacred at UNRA north school shelter. No North American, no European leaders raised inner eyes brows for crimes against humanity. Consequently, as Netanyahu imagined Gaza has been transformed into an inhabitable place. U.S. military might and Israeli intransigence have surpassed the limits of human consciousness, reason, logic, the Geneva Conventions and International Laws.

The dysfunctional UNO and its Security Council – responsible to “safe the succeeding generations from the scourge of war” is simply a forum of ridicule debates and hallow reports summing up naked violations of its Charter and international principles and practices governing the global system of political governance. What is next after another inexplicable shocking cataclysm in the making seen on the political horizon? International observers speak of catastrophic war on Gaza (Chris Hedges and Peter Koenig “The Horror, The Horror” in Gaza. Chris Hedges. What Is the UN Good for? Where Is the Human Rights Commission When It Is Needed? Global Research: 11/13/2023): as “The Horror is beyond words and beyond imagination. The Horror is of blood and shredded children. The Horror is of thousands and thousands – tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands — dead bodies disintegrating in the rubbles of indiscriminately IDF-bombed hospitals, apartment buildings, mosques – you name it.” https://www.globalresearch.ca/horror-gaza-what-un-good-where-human-rights-commission-when-needed/5839831

Evil happens when conscientious men do nothing. U.S. President Biden and PM Netanyahu are pushing war as a means of new global order and war economies like a scum floating on a torrent.

The Israeli public movements by students and families of the captives demanding an immediate ceasefire and peaceful negotiated resolution appears to be a forceful impulse for change and new thinking. U.S. and Israel are not on the same page of thinking and action. The US and Europeans are watching earth being destroyed by their men and weapons. To this author, a cataclysmic nature of human intellect is unleashing a highly irrational and unthinkable world of complexity to come to our consciousness destroying all progress and achievements of any human civilization on this planet. U.S. and Israel deny the expulsion of 2.3 million people of Gaza as a crime of “ethnic cleansing”, or forcible extermination or a policy of ‘apartheid’ and any violations of Humanitarian International Law applicable to the War on Gaza. The facts on the ground await unveiling of truth telling otherwise.

The Living Earth Must be Protected not Bombed or Destroyed by Transgression

Earth is a “trust” to humankind for its existence, sustenance, survival, progress and future-making and it is not the property of U.S., Israel or European colonists but belongs to all mankind living on its premise. “Fear God” and ‘do not violate the covenants of peace and trust on earth’, remind the teachings of Bible, Torah and Quran to all mankind, otherwise God’s punishment to transgressor will be severe. This trust is explicitly mentioned (the Quran,33: 72): “We did indeed offer the Trust to the Heavens and the Earth; And the mountains but they refused; To undertake it, being afraid thereof: But man undertook it; He was indeed unjust and foolish.” When egoistic transgressors challenge the sanctity and limits of the Laws of God; historically speaking they become an object of unthinkable natural calamities- earthquakes, wildfires, floods, deaths and destruction: (64: 40: The Quran):

It is God, Who has made for you the Earth as a resting place and the sky as a canopy; And has given you shape and made your shapes beautiful, and has provided for your sustenance, Of things pure and good; Such is God your Lord. So Glory to God, the Lord of the Worlds.

The Quran (2: 83-84) and Torah remind the succeeding generations of Israelite for their historic covenants to God: And remember, We took a Covenant from the Children of Israel (progeny of Jacob), Worship none but God; ….shed no blood amongst you, Nor displace people from homes: and Ye solemnly ratified, And to this ye can bear witness…. It was not lawful for you to banish another party, then it is only a part of the Book that ye believe in…. And on the Day of Judgment they shall be consigned to the most grievous penalty, For God is not unmindful what ye do.

Are the Arab Leaders Complacent in the US-Israel War on Gaza?

The Arab Middle East is militarized and destabilized by the US-Israeli strategic plans. The nations of merchants sell wars, weapons and poisonous thoughts to divide and rule the Arabian Peninsula. The colonial divides signify national identities carved up by European imperialism against the unity of Islam. A new normal reflects sectarian fake conflicts across the Arab world. To change the future, U.S. and Israel needed a political challenge to stop the onslaught on Gaza but it was nowhere to be seen on the Arabian horizon. For too long, Arab leaders breath oxygen in moral and intellectual decadence and a delusional oil run economic prosperity. The leaders live in palaces protected by the North American-European mercenaries and their agenda includes good times while erecting high rise buildings which make no sense, football matches, Olympic games and watching camel and horse races. They invest oil revenues in Western entertainment industries. They have no sense of time and history and capacity to defend the interest of Islam as the Israeli Ultra Nationalists plan to dismantle the 3rd holiest site Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Please see: “Al-Aqsa Mosque Waiting for the Arab Leaders.” http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/57491.htm

North American and Israeli plan to conquer most of the Arab lands – the Zionist vision of ‘Greater Israel’, expel the masses and make settlers the new citizens of Israel. According to John Perkins (Confession of an Economic Hitman, 2006): ‘milk the cow until sunset.’ The PLO is already redundant- a subsidiary of Israel. Most Arab rulers are former tribal agents turned into dictators, royals, princes, kings and presidents – puppets and subservient to the U.S., British and French colonial policies and practices in the region. What a shame, what a disgrace that Arab-Muslim leaders would not act to defend people’s freedom, rights, dignity and sustainable future. The Arab Spring was derailed. The Arab world has no public institutions of critical thinking, no armies, no Generals and no responsible leaders to defend the cause of Islam or the freedom of Palestine. The are forgetful what happened to late Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein and Moumar Qadhafi- all were friends of U.S. and Europe. Please see more by this author: “The War on Gaza: How Did U.S. Use Its Veto to Support Israel and Insult Humanity?” https://www.uncommonthought.com/mtblog/archives/2023/12/26/war-on-gaza-what-is-next-after-genocide.php

How Did Arab Leaders Betrayed Islam and Defied the Logic of Political Change, Peace and Security”, Uncommon Thought Journal: 10/7/2023. https://www.uncommonthought.com/mtblog/archives/2023/10/07/how-did-arab-leaders-betrayed-islam-and-defied-the-logic-of-political-change-peace-and-security.php

We, the People, We, the Humanity Seek an End to War and Peace, Security and Sustainable Future

Perpetuated wickedness denies blind terror, religious awe and killings of people across Gaza. Are We, the People not witnessing a cataclysmic bloodbath being unleashed by continuous aerial bombardments and destruction of lives and habitats across Gaza? The US and West European leaders would confer with Israeli planned displacement of Palestinians to other parts of the world. We, the People reject the violent assumptions of militarization and egoistic triumphs by acts of genocidal plans in Gaza. Peter Koenig (“Israel’s Killing Fields. Albert Einstein‘s Foresight?” Global Research: 11/12/2023), elaborates how Albert Einstein viewed the emerging conflict in his foresight: Did Einstein foresee, or sense, Palestine becoming Israel’s killing fields, from 1948 forward, to explode in a worldwide tolerated, even supported, and encouraged democide / genocide, just three-quarters of a century after the birth of Israel? Does Netanyahu, his entourage – and the West – realize that the 75 years of Apartheid, of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and of wiping the Gaza Strip and eventually all the Palestinian land off the map is comparable to, or worse than the “Holocaust”?



Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-global security, peace and conflict resolution and has spent several academic years across the Russian-Ukrainian and Central Asian regions knowing the people, diverse cultures of thinking and political governance and a keen interest in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and author of several publications including the latest: One Humanity and the Remaking of Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution,  Dec 2019.

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