War on Gaza: What is Next after Genocide?


Mahboob A. Khawaja – TRANSCEND Media Service

President Biden and Secretary Blinken Never Lie but Say Things Differently

U.S. complicity in Israel’s war of vengeance and collective punishment of innocent civilians of Gaza, debacles the U.S. history of giving life to knowledge, wisdom, ideals of freedom and justice. Analyzing the compelling realities on the ground, the U.S. would undermine the way forward for its destiny as a powerful nation of reason, reliability and stability. Time for a navigational change is ticking for Israeli continuous bombardments and killing of some 18, 780 civilians, 5, 800 women and more than 7,000 children and 50,000 injured, and some 7,000 children still buried under rubble and complete destruction of the civic destruction, and the WHO calls it a ‘bloodbath’, and what is next after the planned genocide. Terror of war and genocide is not a finished answer to its planners as U.S. and Israel wanted to wipe out the Palestinians with three stated objectives: (1) to destroy Hamas, (2) free Israeli hostages, and (3) revamp Gaza under Israeli security apparatus.

Denying conventional wisdom, President Biden doing a lip service to Israel to stop ‘indiscriminate bombing of the civilians’ and not calling a ceasefire, “The Horror is of blood and shredded children. The Horror is of thousands and thousands – tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands — dead bodies disintegrating in the rubbles of indiscriminately IDF-bombed hospitals, apartment buildings, mosques – you name it….. (Chris Hedges and Peter Koenig,“The Horror, The Horror” in Gaza. Chris Hedges. What Is the UN Good for? Global Research: 11/13/2023) https://www.globalresearch.ca/horror-gaza-what-un-good-where-human-rights-commission-when-needed/5839831

The center of sadistic gravity and vengeance is PM Netanyahu and his war cabinet and dynamic syntax to command the world is the White House. The primacy of evil mongering is well known to the global humanity. If the Arab-Muslim leaders buyer of largest weaponry from the West were alive in conscience, the West would not call them “camel jockeys” but take notice of their will and power. If these leaders had moral and intellectual capacity to hear the resounding cries of bombed children and women for help to defend them against the terror of war- according to Peter Koenig: (“The Worst Days in Gaza”, Global Research: 12/15/2023), “Everyday has been the worst day; Israel outdoes itself in brutality and destruction every day; so, every day is the worst day…..The day that Israel dropped six 1-ton bombs on the Jabalia refugee camp, was the worst day.” There is an endless chain of “Worst Days of Gaza”illustrated by pictures and video clips – worse than what the world has witnessed in at least the last seven decades, maybe in the last 300 years. https://www.globalresearch.ca/worst-days-gaza/5843312

Is Israel at war with itself? The Israeli masses question the competence and effectiveness of PM Netanyahu and demand an immediate ceasefire and a negotiated freedom of the 128 hostages from Gaza. Chris Hedges (The Chris Hedges Report: 12/17/2023) “The Death of Israel” spells out the reality: Israel was at war with itself before Oct. 7. Israelis were protesting to prevent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s abolition of judicial independence. Its religious bigots and fanatics, currently in power,……Israel will appear triumphant after it finishes its genocidal campaign in Gaza and the West Bank. Backed by the United States, it will achieve its demented goal. Its murderous rampages and genocidal violence will exterminate or ethnically cleanse Palestinians. Its dream of a state exclusively for Jews, with any Palestinians who remain stripped of basic rights, will be realized. It will revel in its blood-soaked victory. It will celebrate its war criminals. Its genocide will be erased from public consciousness and tossed into Israel’s huge black hole of historical amnesia. Those with a conscience in Israel will be silenced and persecuted…..

The continuing Israeli bombing madness is undeterred by US President’s wishful thinking as Earth is bombed day and night even on Hanukkah. The Earth is a living entity for human life and is not meant to be bombed and destroyed. “Fear God” and ‘do not violate the covenants of peace and trust on earth.’ The Divine warning (Chapter 7: 56: The Quran), is self-explanatory: Do no mischief on the Earth after it hath been set in order, but call on God with fear and longing in hearts ; For the Mercy of God is always near to those who do good.

They Commit Crimes against Humanity and Claim Innocence and Immunity

If President Biden had the sense of global security and peace, he did not question the opportunity at a critical moment but preferred political expediency and rushed to supply weapons of mass destruction to Israel. The UNO, the Security Council, the Geneva Conventions and Humanitarian International Law – are all dysfunctional while Palestinians are being massacred under a false pretext of terrorism as Pope Francis clarified in his Sunday sermon. Israel is using starvation as a weapon of genocide.

The imagination of a 21st century civilized world is already in ruins. The Israel War cabinet is seen at the epicenter of global governance bypassing even the US administration. So, conscientious people around the globe would ask – what is next after the book based Genocide? Media reports of some 1.9 million civilians forcibly expelled by Israeli onslaught on Gaza. The WHO -Geneva offers another glimpse of insanity and genocide in the making: Al-Shifa main hospital bombed twice and 290 medical doctors and staff of Al-Shifa hospital detained at gun point by Israeli forces; 20 wounded and helpless patients bulldozed and killed by Israeli army today at the Kamal Adwan hospital’s compound; Al-Nasser hospital Maternity Ward-Jabalia Refugee camp was hit by Israel and children killed; last week 40 women and children coldblooded murdered at the UNRWA school shelter. Mr. President and Mr. Blinken: is there any Humanitarian International Law applicable to the atrocities committed by Israel? Or would you say that “Israel has the right to defend itself.” Secretary Blinken promised at the NATO meeting (Japan) that Israel would not be allowed to expel civilians from Gaza and would have no role in its future security. How come 1.9 million civilians already forcibly evicted to Rafah Crossing site? And Netanyahu claims security of Gaza under his rule. Are you both victims of moral and intellectual integrity? Do both of you have a living human conscience to differentiate between right and wrong? Between evil and truth? And between humanity and insanity?

Would Obliterating Gaza Open up New Economic Ventures to Israel and the U.S.?

Evil happens when conscientious people do nothing. What is the end game of the Israeli onslaught of Gaza? There is a fearsome and ferocious flow of dubious statements originating from the Western politicians to ‘wipe out the alleged extremists from Gaza’ and finish the debacle of “terrorism” from Gaza. PM Netanyahu committed to flatten the enclave to reimpose Israel occupation. The unchallengeable truth coming out of Gaza speaks of daily planned bloodbath of the civilian population and forced displacement of 1.9 millions to make Gaza another occupied entity of Israel facilitating futuristic exploration of gas and oil in the Mediterranean region favoring Israel and the US interests. Is Israel attacking Gaza for oil and gas? There are reportedly huge gas and oil fields in Gaza and West Bank, reports Muhdan Saglam “How much oil and gas does Palestine have?” Information Clearing House: 11/13/23 https://informationclearinghouse.blog/2023/11/13/is-israel-attacking-gaza-for-oil-and-gas/ Media reports disclose Israeli strategic plans to change the geography by creating another canal from Gulf Of Aqaba to undo the Suez Canal impacting Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan accessibility to the Red Sea.

Israeli war machines had no obligation to spare the 1,700 years old Church and the oldest Omar Mosque of Gaza, and even killed worshipers at Holy Family Catholic Church and PM Netanyahu would claim that ‘Israel has a moral army.’ It is a humanitarian crisis in the making that mankind has never witnessed except the Two WW. At the edge of reason, notion of evil leads to realization of evil and the tyranny of war and genocide must be stopped. Chris Hedges (The Chris Hedges Report: 12/17/2023) “The Death of Israel – Settler colonial states have a terminal shelf life. Israel is no exception” puts the paradigm in one nutshell:


As the retired Israeli Major General Giora Eiland wrote: “Gaza will become a place where no human being can exist,” he wrote. Major General Ghassan Alian declared that in Gaza, “there will be no electricity and no water, there will only be destruction. You wanted hell; you will get hell.”

The Biden presidency, which ironically may have signed its own political death certificate, is tethered to Israel’s genocide. It will try to distance itself rhetorically, but at the same time it will funnel the billions of dollars of weapons demanded by Israel — including $14.3 billion in supplemental military aid to augment the $3.8 billion in annual aid — to “finish the job.” It is a full partner in Israel’s genocide project.


Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-global security, peace and conflict resolution and has spent several academic years across the Russian-Ukrainian and Central Asian regions knowing the people, diverse cultures of thinking and political governance and a keen interest in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and author of several publications including the latest: One Humanity and the Remaking of Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution, Dec 2019.

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