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Questions Plague UN Syria Report. Who Was Behind the East Ghouta Chemical Weapons Attack?
Sharmine Narwani and Radwan Mortada - Al-Akhbar, 30 Sep 2013

A senior United Nations official who deals directly with Syrian affairs has told Al-Akhbar that the Syrian government had no involvement in the alleged Ghouta chemical weapons attack: “Of course not, he (President Bashar al-Assad) would be committing suicide.” When asked who he believed was responsible for the use of chemical munitions in Ghouta, the UN official, who would not permit disclosure of his identity, said: “Saudi intelligence was behind the attacks and unfortunately nobody will dare say that.”

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Anonymous Leaks Names, Addresses of 35,000 Israeli Officials
Al-Akhbar – TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 Mar 2013

The Internet hacktivist collective Anonymous released the names, addresses and phone numbers of over 35,000 Israeli officials, including politicians, army officers and agents for spy agency Mossad. The Red Hack, a Turkish Internet group that operates as an affiliate of Anonymous, posted spreadsheets with the personal information online late Friday [22 Mar 2013]. Separately, another online hacker group, Sektor 404, attacked the Mossad’s website, temporary shutting it down.

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Argentina Slams Israel over Interference
Al-Akhbar – TRANSCEND Media Service, 18 Feb 2013

Argentina’s top diplomat chastised Israel Wednesday [13 Feb 2013] for interfering in its judicial process over the deadly 1994 bombing of a Jewish charities building in Buenos Aires. He added that cooperation with Iran would “bring them closer to the truth.” and, in an apparent snide reference to Israel’s own record, said that Argentina was not in the habit of carrying out extrajudicial punishment. “Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told me that we cannot sign an agreement with Iran. So maybe he wants us to kidnap the suspects or put a bomb below the car of one of them.”

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Jerusalem, Capital of Palestine: Arab-Free by 2015
Maath Musleh – Al-Akhbar, 17 Sep 2012

The Israeli Government is racing against time in a bid to put the finishing touches on its plan to annex and Judaize East Jerusalem. Palestinians represent roughly 58 per cent of the residents of East Jerusalem today. The Israeli plans in place aim to decrease the percentage of Palestinians to about 10 percent.

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