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Famine Continues to Ravage East Africa
Alan Fisher – Al Jazeera, 1 Aug 2011

During the worst drought in 60 years, over 11 million people across the Horn of Africa are at risk of dying. As one delegate told me: “People are dying in the drought in the Horn of Africa because the rains failed. The international community can’t afford to do the same.”

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IAEA Turns Its Attention to Israel
Alan Fisher – Al Jazeera, 14 Jun 2010

For the first time in 19 years, the gathering will discuss “Israel’s nuclear capability”. The item has been forced onto the agenda by the 18-nation Arab block, elevating Israel to the same status as Iran and Syria.

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Alan Fisher - Aljazeera, 18 Nov 2009

When I arrived in Northern Ireland, 17 years ago last month it appeared the violence there would never end.   The Irish Republican Army (IRA) was committed to its long war, the British were too strong militarily to be defeated and if, somehow, the two parts of the island ever became one, what had been a […]

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