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Burma and Sri Lanka: Radical Strains of Buddhism
Alex Caring-Lobel – Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka, 3 Jun 2013

While recent outbreaks of Buddhist-led violence against Muslims have been associated with various disputes and rumors of violence, anti-Muslim—and for that matter, anti-Indian—racism has a long history stretching back to colonial times. The birth restriction makes Myanmar “perhaps the only country in the world to level such a restriction against a particular religious group,” reports Associated Press. Ironically, the country most famous for its child-limiting policy, China, actually exempts ethnic minorities.

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Genocidal Buddhists?: An Interview with Burmese Dissident Maung Zarni
Alex Caring-Lobel, tricycle – TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 Apr 2013

Burmese native Maung Zarni has lent his voice to the Rohingya and other minorities in the predominantly Buddhist nation, advocating for their human rights and distinguishing himself by examining the social and historical causes of the current conflict.

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