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India and Pakistan Join the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)
Alexander Mercouris |The Duran – TRANSCEND Media Service, 4 Jul 2016

27 Jun 2016 – Away from the distractions caused by the Brexit vote the process of Eurasian construction has just taken another big step with the agreement of India and Pakistan to join the Chinese and Russian-led Shanghai Cooperation Organisation as full members. Iran is expected to follow shortly, leaving the whole of Eurasia united under this umbrella.

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The Importance of the Cancellation of South Stream
Alexander Mercouris – Oriental Review, 8 Dec 2014

The reaction to the cancellation of the South Stream project has been a wonder to behold and needs to be explained very carefully. In order to understand what has happened it is first necessary to go back to the way Russian-European relations were developing in the 1990s.

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