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Barbie the Spy!
Alfredo Lopez – This Can’t Be Happening, 16 Mar 2015

This doll can converse with your child, record the answers and transmit them to a data-bank at the company’s headquarters, storing them under the child’s name and other personal information. It then analyzes this data and responds to it… immediately or months later. Given a little time, it will have profiled your child and turned her into an information gathering source.

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Your Email is Likely Being Monitored – The NSA’s Invasion of Google and Yahoo Servers
Alfredo Lopez - CounterPunch, 11 Nov 2013

What a week! Shortly after Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that maybe our government had gone “too far” in its surveillance programs, the Washington Post dropped another Edward Snowden bombshell demonstrating that it is going a whole lot farther than we knew.

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