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Safety—The Overlooked Crucial Issue in Iranian Nuclear Negotiations
Ariane Tabatabai – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 20 Apr 2015

Nuclear safety is about preventing and mitigating accidents, and making sure that nuclear facilities operate properly and don’t pose a radiation hazard to people or places. It is not a sexy topic. But along with proliferation, it is one of the most pressing issues to consider in the context of any nuclear program.

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Where Does Iran’s Supreme Leader Really Stand on Nuclear Negotiations?
Ariane Tabatabai – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 23 Feb 2015

“Not reaching a deal would be better than a bad deal.” – Khamenei. This moment is a unique opportunity for Iranian negotiators to make a comprehensive deal they can sell to domestic hardliners, using the momentum provided by the country’s highest political authority.

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