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When Compassion Is Terrorism: Animal Rights in a Post-911 World
Chad Nelson - CounterPunch, 9 May 2016

They saved the lives of thousands of confined and brutalized animals. Rather than settle for the slow-drip “humane economy” reforms that aim at improving the conditions of animal confinement and reducing the barbarity of their slaughter, Buddenberg and Kissane took the direct route — they staged prison breaks — freeing the inmates and leaving messages for the prison wardens.

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The Inhumane Economy
Chad Nelson – Center for a Stateless Society, 25 Apr 2016

The so-called Humane Economy is anything but. Like the criminal who abstains from violence based solely on the fear of being caught and punished, business executives implement “humane” practices in food production and entertainment industries only after having their hands forced, once their corporate balance sheets or forecasts are impacted by gruesome exposés on their practices.

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