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The 5G Electromagnetic “Mad Zone” Poised to Self-Destruct: The 5G “Dementors” Meet the 4G “Zombie Apocalypse”
Claire Edwards – Global Research, 23 Sep 2019

Incisive Research and Carefully Documented Analysis of the Impacts of 5G Electromagnetic Radiation

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UN Staffer to SG Guterres: 5G Is War on Humanity—He Admits Own Ignorance, Wants to Know More
Claire Edwards – TRANSCEND Media Service, 10 Jun 2019

The first eight months of WWII with no fighting was called The Phony War. Using millimeter waves as a fifth-generation or 5G wireless communications technology is a phony war of another kind. It is also silent, but this time shots are being fired – in the form of laser-like beams of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from banks of thousands of tiny antennae – and almost no one in the firing line knows that they are being silently, seriously and irreparably injured.

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