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Commoning as a Transformative Social Paradigm
David Bollier | The Next System Project – TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 May 2016

In facing up to the many profound crises of our time, we face a conundrum that has no easy resolution: how are we to imagine and build a radically different system while living within the constraints of an incumbent system that aggressively resists transformational change? Our challenge is not just articulating attractive alternatives, but identifying credible strategies for actualizing them. I believe the commons—at once a paradigm, a discourse, an ethic, and a set of social practices—holds great promise in transcending this conundrum.

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Seeing Food as a Commons Opens Up Creative New Possibilities
David Bollier – TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Sep 2013

What would the world look like if we began to re-conceptualize food as a commons? Jose Luis Vivero Pol of the Centre for Philosophy of Law at Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium has done just that in a recent essay, “Food as a Commons: Reframing the Narrative of the Food System.”

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Better Than Facebook?
David Bollier – Yes! Magazine, 5 Jul 2010

Fed up with Facebook’s commercialism, four NYU students have created an open source, peer-to-peer alternative: Diaspora.

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