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Israeli Support for Myanmar Is the Natural Alliance of Regimes Based on Ethnic Supremacy
David Lloyd | Mondoweiss – TRANSCEND Media Service, 2 Oct 2017

What has not been reported in the mainstream news is the fact that, even during this ongoing genocidal campaign against its Muslim population, Myanmar has been supplied with weaponry by Israel. This is by no means the first time Israel has supplied repressive regimes with the tools of their trade, from apartheid South Africa to Pinochet’s Chile and the Guatemalan dictatorship: its weapons industry, indeed, proudly boasts of the fact that its products come well “field tested”–against Palestinians.

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The Malevolence of Occupation
David Lloyd | Dublin Review of Books - TRANSCEND Media Service, 26 Sep 2016

1 Sep 2016 – Boycott is, as many proudly recall, an Irish invention. The first boycott targeted a notorious land agent, the eponymous Captain Charles Boycott, for attempting to evict Mayo tenants in 1880… Above all, boycott is an instrument of civil society. We call for a boycott when the means to redress an ongoing injury are denied by the legal or political institutions that ought to intervene.

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(Français) La Malveillance de l’Occupation
David Lloyd | Dublin Review of Books - Association des universitaires pour le respect du droit international en Palestine, 19 Sep 2016

Le boycott est, comme beaucoup se le rappellent fièrement, une invention irlandaise. Le premier boycott visait un célèbre propriétaire terrien, l’éponyme Captain Charles Boycott, qui avait essayé de se débarrasser de ses locataires… Avant tout, le boycott est un instrument aux mains de la société civile. Nous faisons appel au boycott lorsque les moyens de corriger une atteinte continue sont refusés par les institutions juridiques ou politiques qui devraient intervenir.

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