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Germany’s ‘Military Schengen’ Proposal Shows EU as Geopolitical Pendant of NATO
Drago Bosnic | InfoBrics - TRANSCEND Media Service, 4 Dec 2023

28 Nov 2023 – To Ease the Movement of NATO Troops Across the European Union

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World Sliding toward WW3 as More Warhawks Grab Power in Washington DC
Drago Bosnic | InfoBrics - TRANSCEND Media Service, 21 Aug 2023

11 Aug 2023 – Their style has always been preying on the weak, as they focus on bringing “freedom and democracy” to those unable to retaliate or defend themselves. Direct attacks are preceded by economic warfare (sanctions) and “isolation” by the so-called “international community” (read USA).

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Kiev Flooding Black Markets with NATO-Sourced Weapons
Drago Bosnic | InfoBrics - TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Mar 2023

2 Mar 2023 – It has been at least 1,5 years since the West intensified weapons shipments to Ukraine. Ever since, black markets have been flooded with Western-made arms and munitions, some of which running out from NATO stocks. There’s fierce competition among Kiev institutions for the right to control the arms smuggling business.

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