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India Declares Dolphins “Non-Human Persons” – Dolphin Shows Banned
EWAO – TRANSCEND Media Service, 21 Dec 2015

India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests have made a groundbreaking decision, to completely forbid the keeping of captive dolphins for public entertainment in the entire country. A statement about their new policy was released Friday [30 Oct 2015],

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Researchers Confirm: Giant Ancient Egyptian Underground Labyrinth Exists and Could Rewrite History
EWAO – TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Nov 2015

The Incredible Ancient Egyptian underground Labyrinth has been found and confirmed but has been suppressed by mainstream history. It can be easily considered as one of the greatest discoveries of Ancient Egypt, yet only a few know about its existence.

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Scientists: Geological Evidence Shows the Great Sphinx Is 800,000 Years Old
EWAO – TRANSCEND Media Service, 26 Oct 2015

Two Ukrainian researchers have proposed a new provocative theory that the Great Sphinx of Egypt is around 800,000 years old. A revolutionary theory that is backed up by science.

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Researchers Discover a 40.000-Year-Old Bracelet Made by an Extinct Human Species
EWAO – TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 May 2015

May 19, 2015 – It is one of the most incredible discoveries in recent years, confirming that we have actually very little knowledge of our distant past. Researchers have discovered the bracelet at Denisova Cave in Siberia, near Russia’s border with China and Mongolia.

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