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Zionist Ultras Tend to See Anti-Semites Everywhere
Eamonn McCann – Irish Times, 10 Feb 2014

Majority in Israel and majority of US Jews seem to dissent from extreme positions. We are all anti-Semites now, including US secretary of state John Kerry.

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Bradley Manning – The Undisputed Person of the Year
Eamonn McCann – Socialist Worker, 16 Jan 2012

If Bradley Manning had committed war crimes rather than exposing them, he wouldn’t be in so much trouble. As a beacon of moral light in the darkness which has deepened since the election of Obama, he is, indisputably and by some distance, the American Man of the Year.

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€34bn Question: Will Banks Sink Republic or Just Its Government?
Eamonn McCann – Belfast Telegraph, 18 Oct 2010

The Irish government just handed Allied Irish Bank five times more than the bank is worth–and the government won’t even own it afterwards.

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