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Human Destiny in Ukraine
Eve Ottenberg | CounterPunch - TRANSCEND Media Service, 10 Apr 2023

7 Apr 2023 – To scale the pinnacles of corporate, political or military power in the United States requires certain rigid deficiencies of character, specifically the absence of compassion, decency and humanity. In their personal lives, powerful individuals may possess these qualities, but as an elite class, they lack them utterly.

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The Leopard’s Tale: U.S. Weapons Makers on a Marketing Spree
Eve Ottenberg | CounterPunch – TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Feb 2023

10 Feb 2023 – When western Europe depleted its armory by shipping everything to Ukraine to get blown up by the Russians, it created a huge market opportunity for the U.S. weapons industry due to a concerted media and political humbug campaign to trap the world as a purchaser of U.S. armaments. In fiscal 2022, U.S. weapons sales increased 48.8 percent. War is good business, and blood-soaked war profiteers are making out like the mafiosi they are.

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The “Kill a Leftist” Law
Eve Ottenberg | CounterPunch - TRANSCEND Media Service, 10 May 2021

7 May 2021 – So now it’ll be legal in some Neolithic U.S. states to run over leftists with your car. What’ll come next? Legalizing pushing people out of airplanes at 35,000 feet? Running over swimmers with boats? Unleashing your rabid dog on people whose political persuasions offend you? There are so many possibilities! It’s already legal for cops to shoot leftists.

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