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We Are Going Backwards; COP21 Is the Opposite of Progress
Frank Barat interviews Naomi Klein – New Internationalist Magazine, 14 Dec 2015

10 Dec 2015 – Naomi Klein speaks with Frank Barat about the limits of the Paris climate talks and how climate change is an accelerator that makes pre-existing problems worse.

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Progressive Struggles against Insidious Capitalist Individualism: Interview with Angela Davis
Frank Barat – Jadaliyya, 6 Oct 2014

Angela Davis, an activist, teacher, author, and icon of the Black Power movement, talks about the linkages among global struggles touching upon black feminism, the importance of the collective, Palestine, the prison-industrial complex, and much more.

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‘We’ve Gone Way beyond Apartheid’
Frank Barat – Al Jazeera, 7 May 2012

Israel may annex Area C – with the consent of the Palestinian Authority. I caught up with Jeff Halper, long time Israeli peace activist, director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) and coordinator of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine while he was on a European speaking tour. Here is what he had to say about the situation in Palestine/Israel.

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The Crime of Apartheid
Frank Barat – Al Jazeera, 12 Sep 2011

In order to keep Israel a “Jewish” state, racist policies amounting to apartheid have been used against Palestinians.

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Noam Chomsky Answers Six Questions from Well Known Personalities
Frank Barat, Vimeo – TRANSCEND Media Service, 28 Mar 2011

Frank Barat asks Prof Noam Chomsky six questions that were sent by Alice Walker, John Berger, Ken Loach, Paul Laverty, Amira Hass and Chris Hedges.

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