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龍 年 吉 祥 – Auspicious Year of the Wood Dragon
Fred Dubee - TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Feb 2024

10 Feb 2024 – New Year’s greetings and warmest wishes for the Year of the Wood Dragon overflowing with harmony, good fortune and accomplishments. As the Lunar New Year commences today, this enchanting combination promises a year marked by growth, vitality and the blossoming of wisdom.

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Sustainable Legacy
Fred Dubee | China Daily - TRANSCEND Media Service, 14 Feb 2022

11 Feb 2022 – The 2022 Beijing Winter Games are a work-in-progress and will be a learning experience even after the Olympic flame leaves Beijing to begin the journey to Paris. However, its legacy will continue to enrich Beijing, China and the world long into the future.

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Militarism: Social Cancer–Cold, Sobering Reality of Undeniable Facts
Fred Dubee – TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Jan 2020

1 Jan 2020 – As we start the New Year, it might be worthwhile having a glimpse of what might be assumed to be priorities of one nation and think a bit about the implications for the rest of the world. Numbers don’t lie.

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Towards the Eradication of Global Hunger and Undernutrition
Xin-Ying Ren and Fred Dubee, UN MaximsNews – TRANSCEND Media Service, 6 Jun 2011

While we tend to think in terms of hundreds of millions of deprived and stunted lives, the reality is that each starving child, each malnourished expectant mother, each person who does not have the energy to develop, learn or contribute is a horrible tragedy, and together these individual tragedies add up to an unacceptable loss to the human commonwealth. Simply stated hunger and undernutrition are among the most severe and least addressed challenges facing humanity today.

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The 2010 National Security Strategy
Fred Dubee – TRANSCEND Media Service, 31 May 2010

Worth reading? I guess it depends on your understanding of the relevance of US policy and strategy on the world stage. On the other hand it is relatively easy to argue that US national security strategy must always be taken into account and give due respect. In these very delicate times, and with increasing polarization in the media and public dialogue a strong point can be made in favor of having a look at the actual text of the strategy document – but as always, actions speak much louder than any policy statement.

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