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Thousands of Dogs and Other Animals Spared Cruel Chemical Tests in Europe
Humane Society International/Europe – TRANSCEND Media Service, 23 Jan 2012

HSI celebrates largest animal test reduction in history. Humane Society International/Europe is celebrating a change in European law on biocides, non-food pesticides, that will save tens of thousands of dogs, rabbits and rodents from painful and lethal chemical poisoning tests. Dogs, rabbits, rodents, birds and fish are all commonly used in biocides testing. The chemicals are injected into their blood, force-fed into their stomach and lungs, applied to their skin, or placed in their food and water. They can experience nausea, convulsions and death—all without pain relief.

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Sign Our Petition to End Fiesta Cruelty
Humane Society International – TRANSCEND Media Service, 3 Oct 2011

Help end the Toro de le Vega fiesta in the Castilla y León region of Spain, where bulls are pursued, taunted and tormented by spear-wielding men and then stabbed to death in an annual spectacle every September.

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