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Pythagoras and His Theory of Reincarnation
Igor Bukker - Pravda, 17 Jun 2013

“According to Pythagoras, the human soul can migrate from one human body to another, but also to the bodies of other creatures, such as animals or even plants. With each new incarnation, the soul loses the memory of the past. So every time we all live our lives as if we live for the first time. He died in 497 BC. in Metapontum, a town in southern Italy.

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Gypsies: The Mystical Tribe
Igor Bukker - Pravda, 11 Apr 2011

The International Roma, (Gypsy) Day was founded at the first World Gypsy Congress, which took place in London on April 8, 1971. The congress gathered representatives from 30 countries. The national symbols of the gypsies – the flag and the anthem – were approved at the congress. The gypsies of the whole world became one single nation.

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