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18 Nov 2023–>Day 43: Today’s News on Palestine & Israel
Israel-Palestine News | If Americans New - TRANSCEND Media Service, 20 Nov 2023

Humanitarian aid & fuel update, new Israeli airstrikes, Al Shifa Hospital crisis, Palestinian deaths in West Bank, and more.

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Minnesota Cops Trained by Israeli Police, Who Often Use Knee-on-Neck Restraint
Alison Weir | Israel-Palestine News - TRANSCEND Media Service, 15 Jun 2020

* Over 100 Minnesota law enforcement officers attended a 2012 conference organized by the Israeli consulate in which Israeli police trained them. Israeli forces often use the knee-on-neck restraint on Palestinians.
* Israel has been training law enforcement officers around the US for many years, despite the fact that Israeli forces have a long record of human rights violations.

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