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The In Amenas “Cover Up”
Jeremy Keenan – International State Crime Initiative, 21 Oct 2013

What is going on? Why is one of Al Qaeda’s biggest ever terrorist attacks being swept under the carpet? Some very significant new evidence of Algerian involvement in the attack and Western complicity in its “cover-up” has come to light, to the extent that it is questionable whether we can really even ascribe the terrorist attack to Al Qaeda.

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How Washington Helped Foster the Islamist Uprising in Mali
Jeremy Keenan – Pambazuka News, 28 Jan 2013

How the US and Algeria have been sponsoring terror in the Sahara. On 12 October 2012, the UN Security Council voted unanimously in favour of a French-drafted resolution asking Mali’s government to draw up plans for a military mission to re-establish control over the northern part of Mali, an area of the Sahara bigger than France. Known as Azawad by local Tuareg people, northern Mali has been under the control of Islamist extremists following a Tuareg rebellion at the beginning of the year.

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Algeria’s Election Was a Fraud
Jeremy Keenan – Al Jazeera, 21 May 2012

The results of Algeria’s May 10 [2012] legislative elections have been met with such fury by Algerians that some analysts believe that these will be the last elections held under the current regime. If there were any hopes for democracy still remaining in the country, these elections snuffed them out.

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The Tribulations of the Tuareg
Jeremy Keenan – Al Jazeera, 29 Nov 2010

In fact, the reality of the GWOT in the Sahara-Sahel has not been about fighting ‘terrorists’, but about how the local governments, linked into the GWOT through Washington’s Pan Sahel (PSI) and Trans-Sahara Counter-terrorism initiatives of 2004 and 2005 respectively, have been provoking the Tuareg into taking up arms so that they might be categorised as ‘terrorists’ or, as one US state department analyst argued rather quaintly in the context of the assumed link between terrorism and trafficking, ‘putative terrorists’. What the Tuareg have had to endure in the so-called GWOT is both shocking and shameful.

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