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Let’s Come to Our Senses on Nukes
Kevin Martin | PeaceVoice – TRANSCEND Media Service, 3 Apr 2017

So one might reasonably ask the president, who has come to their senses on nukes, and who has not? Let’s cancel the New Nuclear Arms Race, challenge the other nuclear states to do likewise, and join the talks for a treaty to once and for all close the door on the folly of nuclear weaponry.

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Nuclear Weapons Modernization: A New Nuclear Arms Race? Who Voted for It? Who Will Benefit from It?
Kevin Martin and Paul A. Olson | PeaceVoice – TRANSCEND Media Service, 12 Dec 2016

So who will benefit? Certainly Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and the nuclear weapons contractors in other countries (and the politicians who rely on their campaign cash). Anyone else? Anyone? The children? The environment? The smart way forward is not rocket science. Instead of embarking on a plan we can’t afford and that makes our country and the world less safe, let us cancel nuclear modernization.

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Threats and “Strategic Patience” Haven’t Worked with North Korea, Let’s Try Serious Diplomacy
Kevin Martin | PeaceVoice – TRANSCEND Media Service, 7 Nov 2016

Resolving tensions over North Korea’s nukes, likely by the next president at this point, will require the same commitment to diplomacy the Obama administration showed in securing the Iran nuclear agreement and opening to Cuba, but we would have much more credibility were we not preaching atomic temperance from a barstool brimming with nuclear weapons.

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Whose Finger? On What Button?
Kevin Martin | PeaceVoice – TRANSCEND Media Service, 19 Sep 2016

Even a “limited” nuclear war between India and Pakistan could cause global famine on top of the deaths of hundreds of millions. How is it acceptable or legitimate for anyone to have the power to decide whether our civilization continues? We shouldn’t trust anyone with this power. Human beings are far too fallible. Unfortunately we have ceded too much power to alleged experts.

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President Obama Should Meet A-Bomb Survivors, and Heed Their Call to Ban the Bomb
Kevin Martin | PeaceVoice – TRANSCEND Media Service, 9 May 2016

5 May 2016 – President Obama is considering a visit to Hiroshima during the G-7 economic summit in Japan later this month. Remarkably, many Hibakusha, atomic bomb survivors, are still alive today, though they often suffer from various radiation-caused illnesses or other physical ailments 71 years after the bombs were dropped.

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