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Helping Refugees Also Means Stopping the Wars Which Make Them
Max Ajl - teleSUR, 30 Jan 2017

Trump, it seems, will not ban all Muslims. He’ll only ban Muslims whose countries and homes we are bombing.

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Bolivia Throws Down Gauntlet, Demands Real Climate Action
Max Ajl – Truthout, 10 May 2010

Is this feasible? Probably, yes. But even if it proves impossible, at least someone is trying, even if they are dreamers. At least the future of the earth is on some leaders’ agendas. At least the future of the earth is on some people’s agenda. The Cochabamba Conference, impelled by a globalized and surging social movement demanding a livable Earth, has thrown down the gauntlet. Hopefully, we will pick it up before gun turrets stud our electrified steel frontier with Mexico, to be built circa 2030 when the Mexican agricultural system collapses under heat stress. That is the world of the future: a dead world of walls. I’m with Morales and Pachamama.

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Max Ajl - Gaza Freedom March organizer, 1 Jan 2010

Cairo, Egypt, 31 Dec 2009 – Egyptian security forces were attacking protesters in Tahrir Square, at the core of downtown Cairo, after they sat down in the middle of a busy Cairo street, protesting the imprisonment of the people of Gaza. Others were literally barricaded inside their hotel, the entrance surrounded by steel riot barriers. […]

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Max Ajl - ZNet, 27 Dec 2009

I’m going to discuss the utility of non-violent resistance as it applies to resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict and, specifically, the occupation and blockade of the Gaza strip. Even more specifically, I’m going to discuss the Gaza Freedom March (GFM), of which I’m one of the organizers.  But before discussing Palestinian non-violence, several things must be […]

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