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What’s Next? Parecon, or Participatory Economics
Michael Albert | The Next System Project – TRANSCEND Media Service, 5 Dec 2016

People now fighting economic injustice have no right to decide how future people should live. But we do have a responsibility to provide an institutional setting that facilitates future people deciding for themselves what their own conditions of life and work should be. To this end, participatory economics, or parecon, describes the core institutions required to generate solidarity, equity, self-management, and an ecologically sound and classless economy.

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Michael Albert - NLP, 21 Feb 2010

NLP talks to Michael Albert, co-founder of Z Magazine, ZNet and South End Press, about complementary holism, Participatory Economics and an alternative to capitalism.1. Could you outline for us what the theory of complementary holism, is?Very briefly, it is a way of organizing one’s thoughts, you might say, when considering matters of history and society. […]

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Matt Grinder, interviewing Michael Albert - ZNet, 14 Jan 2010

In this interview, Michael Albert, one of the originators of Participatory Economics (along with Robin Hahnel), is interviewed by parecon advocate Matt Grinder. Matt Grinder: Could you briefly summarize Participatory Economics, or parecon? Michael Albert: Participatory Economics, or parecon for short, is a vision for how to conduct economics in a classless manner. It delivers to […]

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