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Kenyans Turn to Wild Fruits and Insects as Drought Looms
Miriam Gathigah – Inter Press Service-IPS, 6 Feb 2017

Too hungry to play, hundreds of starving children sit by the fire, watching the pot boil, in the hope that it is only a matter of minutes before their next meal. Unbeknownst to them, the food cooking inside the pot is actually a toxic combination of wild fruits and tubers mixed with dirty water, as surrounding rivers have all run dry.

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South-South Ties Reshape Aid Paradigm
Miriam Gathigah – Inter Press Service-IPS, 5 Dec 2011

When the G-8 countries decided that improving Internet access to developing countries should be a priority, scores of leaders from developing world opposed the move. The prevalence of harmful cultural practices such as female genital mutilation and women and girls trekking miles in search of water and firewood seemed far removed from Internet technology. Says Esther Suchia, an activist in Kenya, “This commitment to give developing countries aid to improve access to Internet was taken as an insult.”

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