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Automated Apartheid: Walking through Hebron Smart City | Documentary
Mnar Adley | MintPress News – TRANSCEND Media Service, 20 May 2024

7 May 2024 – MintPress director Mnar Adley walks us through the city of Hebron dubbed by Israel as ‘Hebron Smart City’ due to the Draconian surveillance technology on the Palestinian population as part of what is called the Wolfpack surveillance system.

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The Real Reasons the Derna Dam in Libya Broke
Mnar Adley | MintPress News - TRANSCEND Media Service, 25 Sep 2023

21 Sep 2023 – Here’s how this deadly disaster has everything to do with the Obama administration and NATO’s 2011 “humanitarian intervention” to overthrow Muammar Qadaffi. The US and NATO bombed Libya into a failed state with open-air slave markets. Before, Libya was the most successful country in Africa.

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