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Decades of Denial as Rohingya Genocide Continues
Nancy Hudson-Rodd | New Mandala – TRANSCEND Media Service, 19 Dec 2016

Recent violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state has led to an increase in the persecution of the Rohingya people, but the international community continues to turn a blind eye.

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Silence as Myanmar ‘Genocide’ Unfolds
Nancy Hudson-Rodd - Asia Times, 24 Feb 2014

The term “bystander nation” was originally used to describe Allied governments’ lack of response to early knowledge of the unfolding destruction of European Jews, the reluctance to believe allegations of genocide, and the refusal to adopt policies for action. Today, genocide is an unfolding reality in Myanmar and the complicit silence of Western donor nations is deafening.

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Lest We Forget in Myanmar
Nancy Hudson-Rodd – Asia Times, 6 Feb 2012

The Myanmar delegation to the United Nations in Geneva complained last year that some members failed to show due diplomatic respect by referring to their country as Burma rather than Myanmar. Now most diplomats and news publications refer to the country as Myanmar as a reward the regime’s recent so-called reforms. But is this respect justified and are long-time Myanmar observers now suffering from selective amnesia?

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