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Corporate Courts vs. the Environment
Nick Dearden | Al Jazeera - TRANSCEND Media Service, 9 Aug 2021

2 Aug 2021 – Corporate courts were invented to protect the West’s control of the world against decolonisation. They are now undermining attempts to halt climate change. Italy expects to be ordered to hand millions of dollars over to an oil exploration corporation, following the Italian government’s decision to ban such exploration off its coast.

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Big Pharma’s Finest Hour?
Nick Dearden | Human Wrongs Watch - TRANSCEND Media Service, 11 Jan 2021

9 Jan 2021 – The roll-out of COVID vaccines gives much-needed hope. But without fundamental reform of the drug industry, inequality and mistrust will cost lives both nationally and globally.

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Big Pharma Is Not Willing to Help Us Defeat COVID-19
Nick Dearden | Al Jazeera - TRANSCEND Media Service, 26 Oct 2020

18 Oct 2020 – To efficiently deal with the pandemic and keep everyone safe, we first need to transform the pharmaceutical industry. TRIPS extended Western-style patent protections across the whole world, allowing the business to sit on patents for a minimum of 20 years, during which time they are able to dictate who can use their creations and at what price.

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Greece and Spain Helped Postwar Germany Recover. Spot the Difference
Nick Dearden – The Guardian, 1 Apr 2013

Sixty years ago today [27 Feb 2013], an agreement was reached in London to cancel half of postwar Germany’s debt. It stands in marked contrast to the suffering being inflicted on European people today in the name of debt. German debts were well below the levels seen in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain today, making up around a quarter of national income. But even at this level, there was serious concern that debt payments would use up precious foreign currency earnings and endanger reconstruction.

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