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Top 1 Percent Owns Half of All Global Wealth, Per Credit Suisse Report
Owen Davis – International Business Times, 19 Oct 2015

The top 1 percent of households “account for half of all assets in the world,” according to the 2015 Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report. That’s a first since the Swiss bank began compiling the data in 2000, and a level “possibly not seen for almost a century,” the researchers write. For those on the other end of the wealth spectrum, meanwhile, the numbers are reversed. The poorest half of the world’s population owns just 1 percent of its assets.

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Trans-Pacific Partnership: Leaked Trade Deal Draft Shows Big Pharma’s Sway
Owen Davis – International Business Times, 6 Jul 2015

1 Jul 2015 – The Obama administration has lauded the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as the most progressive trade deal in history. But a recently leaked chapter of the draft deal, obtained by Politico, reportedly shows a U.S. negotiating team devoted to protecting pharmaceutical industry profits at the expense of cheaper generic drugs in the 12 countries affected.

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