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BRICS Is Being Battered by Global Crises: Why This Might Not Be a Bad Thing
Patrick Bond – The Conversation, 4 Sep 2017

30 Aug 2017 – At the BRICS summit in Russia two years ago, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping asked fellow leaders “to boost the unifying force of BRICS nations through cooperation in innovation and production capacity to boost competitiveness.” Could BRICS leaders evolve in that direction? Their summit next week will be distracted by geopolitical tensions.

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Imperialism’s Junior Partners: BRICS
Patrick Bond – Jacobin Magazine, 6 Jun 2016

25 May 2016 – On May 12, Brazil’s democratic government, led by the Workers’ Party (PT), was the victim of a coup. What will the other BRICS countries (Russia, India, China, and South Africa) do? Will they stand by as the reactionaries who took power in Brasilia pivot closer to Western powers, glad to warm Dilma Rousseff’s seat at the BRICS summit in Goa, India in five months’ time?

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Introducing BRICS from above and BRICS-from-below
Patrick Bond – Pambazuka News, 25 Mar 2013

There seem to be three narratives about BRICS. The first is promotional and mainly comes from government and allied intellectuals; the second perspective is uncertainty, typical of fence-sitting scholars and NGOs; and the third is highly critical, from forces sometimes termed the ‘independent left.’

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Bilderbergers Beware
Patrick Bond - Pambazuka, 11 Jun 2012

The secretive Bilderbergers aren’t normally a protest magnet. But last weekend [3 Jun 2012], protesters hurled creative abuse at the black limousines rolling past towards the Chantilly Marriott Hotel.

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Patrick Bond - ZNet, 30 Nov 2009

Preparations for the December 7-18 Copenhagen climate summit are going as expected, including a rare sighting of African elites’ stiffened spines. That’s a great development (maybe decisive), more about which below. While activists help raise the temperature on the streets outside the Bella Centre on December 12, 13 and 16, inside we will see Northern […]

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