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Major American Jewish Leader Changes His Mind about Israel
Rabbi Michael Lerner - Tikkun, 29 Feb 2016

The Israel of today is very far from anything I dreamed of and worked for throughout my career. I can clearly remember the day in 1948 when the State of Israel was established. I was in the fourth grade at the Yeshivah of Flatbush in Brooklyn. The entire school was summoned to the schoolyard in celebration of the momentous occasion.

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The Fantasy World of Benjamin Netanyahu: Responses to His Talk to Congress
Rabbi Michael Lerner – Huffington Post, 9 Mar 2015

3 Mar 2015 – Netanyahu’s speech to Congress was brilliantly deceitful because it played to the fantasies that Israeli propaganda and right wing militarists in the US have been popularizing for the past thirty years.

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Mourning for a Judaism Being Murdered by Israel
Rabbi Michael Lerner – Tikkun, 11 Aug 2014

My heart is broken as I witness the suffering of the Palestinian people and the seeming indifference of Israelis. Israeli behavior toward Palestinians is destroying Judaism and creating a new kind of hatred of Jews by people who never before had any issue with Jews.

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Rabbi Michael Lerner, 4 Jan 2009

Israel is still using a strategy of domination in its struggle with Hamas, trying to use force to gain security. But this is a recipe for endless war. Israel’s attempt to wipe out Hamas is understandable, but dumb.         No country in the world is going to ignore the provocation of rockets being launched from […]

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