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Canada’s Nuclear Diplomacy Is Make-Believe
Paul Meyer and Ramesh Thakur - The Globe and Mail, 9 Oct 2017

More than 120 states, parties of the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, deemed it important for the survival of the planet to conclude a comprehensive prohibition on nuclear weapons and the use or threat of use of these devastating and indiscriminate arms. But Canada opted to join a “dissenting minority” of nuclear-armed states and U.S. allies

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Why Obama Should Declare a No-First-Use Policy for Nuclear Weapons
Ramesh Thakur | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - TRANSCEND Media Service, 29 Aug 2016

An American no-first-use commitment would reduce the risk of nuclear war at a time when arsenals are growing and tensions are mounting, particularly in Asia

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Avoiding Western Networks
Ramesh Thakur – The Japan Times, 10 Nov 2014

How should the institutions of global economic governance reflect the changed balance of economic power? Given toxic Washington politics, can any U.S. administration recalibrate policies to the new geopolitical realities?

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