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The Silence of the Israelis on ISIS
Stephen J. Sniegoski – Consortium News, 10 Nov 2014

Has anyone seen a hint that our vital regional ally could be of any assistance at all in the supposedly civilizational battle against ISIS? This is quite in contrast to the complaints about other Middle East countries such as Turkey that are being harshly criticized for their failure to become actively involved in fighting the Islamic State.

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The Yinon Thesis Vindicated: Neocons, Israel, and the Fragmentation of Syria
Stephen J. Sniegoski, The Passionate Attachment – TRANSCEND Media Service, 20 Aug 2012

It is widely realized now that the fall of President Bashar Assad’s regime would leave Syria riven by bitter ethnic, religious, and ideological conflict that could splinter the country into smaller enclaves. America’s removal of Saddam served to intensify Sunni-Shiite regional hostility and, in a sense, got the destabilization ball rolling. Iran is targeted now, and Israel and its neocon supporters seek to make use of dissatisfied internal elements, political and ethnic—the radical MEK, democratic secularists, monarchists, Kurds, Arabs, Baluchis, and Azeris— to bring down the Islamic regime.

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