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[Banks] Getting Away with Murder
Susan George – Transnational Institute, 22 Jun 2015

Hope springing eternal, I didn’t believe that the banks could emerge from the 2007-08 crisis far stronger than before, especially in political terms. Yes, some have paid staggering fines to governments – a total of $178 billion for the US and European banks – but they now consider such outlays as mere ‘costs of doing business’.

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European Union: Most Anti-Democratic and Neoliberal in History
Susan George – Transnational Institute, 30 Aug 2010

At the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) in October, Asian governments should not take any lessons on democracy or economics from the European Union. We have to make common cause between Asian and European social movements, because we are all losing out from current policies. Susan George shared these reflections in the run-up to the Asia-Europe People’s Forum.

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