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Marcuse-Anon: Cult of the Pseudo-Intellectual
TK News by Matt Taibbi - TRANSCEND Media Service, 22 Feb 2021

16 Feb 2021 – Reviewing “Repressive Tolerance” and other works by Herbert Marcuse, the quack who became America’s most influential thinker.

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Suck It, Wall Street
TK News by Matt Taibbi - TRANSCEND Media Service, 1 Feb 2021

29 Jan 2021 – In a blowout comedy for the ages, finance pirates take it up the clacker. The day-trading followers of a two-million-subscriber Reddit forum called “wallstreetbets” decide to keep short-sellers from laying waste to video game company GameStop, betting it up in defiance of the Street. Worth $6 four months ago, the stock went to $43.03 on Jan 21st, to $147.98 on the 26th, to an incredible $347.51 on January 27th. Short-selling hedge fund Melvin Capital was forced to close out its position at a cost of nearly $3 billion.

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