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Bob Avakian Responds to Mark Rudd on the Lessons of the 1960s and the Need for an Actual Revolution
The Bob Avakian Institute - TRANSCEND Media Service, 13 Apr 2020

19 Mar 2020 – Infantile Expressions of Outrage, or Accommodation to This Monstrous System, Are Not the Only Alternatives – In the New York Times of 5 Mar 2020 a commentary appears authored by Mark Rudd, a former 1960s radical. He emphasizes that significant acts of violence today, and the danger this poses to society, is being perpetrated by what he terms the “far right”; and, more generally, he insists that nonviolence is the only legitimate and effective way to bring about desired (and desirable) social change and that all violence, on the part of any social movement for change, must be renounced.

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