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Nazi Extortion: Study Sheds New Light on Forced Greek Loans
Manfred Ertel, Katrin Kuntz and Walter Mayr – Der Spiegel, 30 Mar 2015

Is Germany liable to Athens for loans the Nazis forced the Greek central bank to provide during World War II? A new study in Greece could increase the pressure on Berlin to pay up.

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The Bosnian Knot: Conflicts Unchanged in Birthplace of WWI
Walter Mayr – Der Spiegel, 20 Jan 2014

The 1914 assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo came in the midst of a bitter power struggle among major European powers in the Balkans. One hundred years and three devastating wars later, peace still eludes the multi-ethnic region.

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The Mafia’s Deadly Garbage: Italy’s Growing Toxic Waste Scandal
Walter Mayr = Der Spiegel, 20 Jan 2014

For decades, the Mafia has been dumping toxic waste illegally in the region north of Naples. Recently declassified testimony shows that leading politicians have known about the problem for years, yet done nothing about it — even as the death toll climbs.

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The Goulash Archipelago: EU Remains Silent as Hungary Veers Off Course
Walter Mayr – Der Spiegel, 22 Aug 2011

Supporters of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán say he has a strict leadership style, while critics warn of the threat of forced political conformity, Jew-baiting and labor camps. Meanwhile, the European Union is saying nothing, apparently accepting the fact that a member state is getting out of control.

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