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The Dangerous Rise of Buddhist Chauvinism
Yuriko Koike, Project Syndicate – TRANSCEND Media Service, 3 Aug 2015

The Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, composed no sutta to religious hatred or racial animus. And yet Buddhist chauvinism now threatens the democratic process in both Myanmar (Burma) and Sri Lanka.

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North Korea’s Samurai Rules
Yuriko Koike – Project Syndicate, 2 Jan 2012

For the samurai, combat experience and age were decisive legitimating factors. There are substantial doubts as to whether the aging commanders of North Korea’s army, many of whom fought in the Korean War six decades ago, can swear loyalty to a callow, paper general. North Korean propaganda covered up the true cause of Kim Jong-il’s death – cancer, not a heart attack. He had become so ill that he could not make decisions by himself, so his sister Kim Kyong-hui, made decisions on his behalf. North Korean revolution might not be far off, particularly if relations between the country’s aged generals and the Kim dynasty begin to fray.

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A Democratic Burma?
Yuriko Koike – Project Syndicate, 5 Dec 2011

No one should rush to judgment yet, but Thein Sein’s decisions, at least so far, are beginning to resemble those of South Africa’s de Klerk when he initiated his country’s reform process. Fortunately, Burma already has in Aung San Suu Kyi its very own Nelson Mandela.

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Obama and Asia’s Two Futures
Yuriko Koike – Project Syndicate, 7 Nov 2011

Asia’s choice is clear: either the region embraces a multilateral structure of peace, or it will find itself constrained by a system of strategic military alliances. In Hawaii, Obama and the other assembled Asian leaders – particularly the Chinese – must begin to choose between these two Asian futures.

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