Transcend Themes around the World (using Prof. Galtung at 80 as pretext)

TRANSCEND News, 31 May 2010

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The TRANSCEND Network has been around since 1993 and has tried to develop a number of themes related to conflict, development, civilization and peace. Time has come to take stock, where are we, where would we like to be in, say, 2020, what can we learn from failures and, possibly, successes? What are the criteria?

Prof. Johan Galtung turns 80 on 24 October 2010 and might also personally like to take stock, with similar questions. Celebrate whatever might merit celebration, set new goals, course corrections, and future forms of concrete work. For peace.

So far, May 2010, the program looks as follows:

No Date Where




1 05/21-22 Greensboro NC, USA

Peaceful Foreign Policy

in English

2 05/31-


Toluca DF, Mexico


in Spanish

3 07/02-09 Sydney, IPRA, Australia

Positive Peace

in English

4 08/21-22 Hiroshima, Japan


in Japanese, English

5 09/24-26 Beograd, Serbia


in English

6 10/01-04 Doha, Qatar

Peace Journalism

in Arabic, English

7 10/08-10 Torino-Piacenza-Genova Italy


in Italian

8 10/15-17 Yaounde, Cameroun

Development as Unfolding

in French

9 10/22-24 Oslo, Norway

Sabona Family-School-Work

in Norwegian, English

10 10/25-29 Basel, Switzerland

Deep Culture & Structure

in English

11 12/02-05 Schwerte, Germany

Global Domestic Policy

in German

There may be some changes between now and then. Two may be added:

China, first half of September, on Conflict Transformation (Jason Tower);

Oxford, in November, on Peace Economics.

People well versed in the themes will be invited for dialogues in depth. Video recordings will be organized.


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4 Responses to “Transcend Themes around the World (using Prof. Galtung at 80 as pretext)”

  1. Since I live in the world created for us by politicians (and Churches), I cannot neglect or forget what “Peaceful Foreign Policy” means to the Washington Administration. I’d be interested to know what Tom Matyok has in mind. What I know is what politicians at the White House and Pentagon have in mind.

    This is “Peace must be secured for the American People. This can only be done by putting in place a Foreign Policy that guarantees war after war in foreign lands. The father away from the USA, the better”.

    Righ now, the White House is rejoicing in its Foreign Policy success. After many years of trying, they are finally reaping the harvest: a very lucrative war in Korea.

    As long as USA only arms the conflicting partners but doesn’t send its own soldiers, the war is officially considered a “Peaceful” Policy Effort.

    All good wishes,
    Alberto Portugheis

  2. Jide Jimoh says:

    A beautiful programme but how can English speaking Africa Participate?
    Jide Jimoh
    Peace and Conflict Studies Programme
    Institute of African Studies
    University of Ibadan, Nigeria

  3. N.G-H says:

    Dear Mr. Jimoh, please contact both Rais Neza Boneza – and for more on this question.


  4. We have received your applications for the Workshop, however as a
    Center for Peace Studies we are obliged by regulations that does not allow
    us to send invitation letters that are required for obtaining Serbian travel visa.
    Even though it does not seem fair, right now only the applicants that can travel to Serbia
    from countries that does not require visas could be accepted.
    We hope this is going to change soon and wish you very best of luck in your work.
    We would also like to inform you that prof. Galtung is going to
    hold a Workshop in Doha, Qatar, on 1st October this year. For more information, please follow this link:

    My Request was for the Mediation Workshop and the center advice is participate in Peace Journalism